Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith

At Locksmiths San Jose we pride ourselves on a reliable American wide locksmith and security service. With over 10 years’ experience and a team of qualified technicians we can tailor a security solution that suites your property and protects your family and belongings for many years.

With unqualified handyman or hardware store salesman offering poor advice and service, protect your home against such intrusion and get Locksmiths San Jose to professionally install all your locks, deadlocks, windows locks, electronic security and home safes to significantly increase the level of your home security.

We can also re-key or re-code your existing locks if they are in good working order to secure your property when required. Peace of mind is absolutely priceless and your family’s safety is even more so.

At Locksmiths San Jose we provide 7-days a week emergency after business hours locksmith service for those times when the door slams behind you or your lock fails unexpectedly.

Our qualified technicians can also provide your property with a free security evaluation. We understand that there is not much worse than being locked out of your house, losing your keys or having a broken lock.

Locksmiths San Jose can help.

Locksmiths San Jose are a family business with over 10 years of experience helping thousands get back into their home and ensuring they have the best security possible. Our most popular locksmith services include repairing and replacing locks and keys, for those moving into a new home, for people who are sick of faulty locks or for those who have simply lost their keys.

We are certified to cut registered and restricted keys such as master keys for those living in complexes with multiple apartments and access areas. You can count on us as your local locksmith to get to you quickly and provide your home with high-quality products, advice and work.

For those moving into new homes, we will sit down with you and help design a lock system to suit your property. We will only create plans that include the highest quality products and ensure that it translates into the most efficient and user-friendly system for your home.

Locksmiths San Jose offer both electronic and mechanical lock systems, depending on whether you prefer physical lock and keys or electronic door locks with swipe card access. Both systems are reliable and provide superior security for your family, pets and home.

Locksmiths San Jose have a team (there are 6 of us!) of mobile locksmiths allowing us to get to you as soon as possible, as well as having a physical store for those wanting to come in to browse the products, lock systems and safes we offer.

Still unsure of what you need?

Come into our store and have a chat with our friendly staff – we are conveniently located in Alexandria. Here we will provide a tour of all the locks we have to offer and will help you choose the best lock system for your home, no matter how large or small it may be.

Are you locked out in the middle of the night?

We offer locksmith service to get you back inside or restore the security of your home. We service the America allowing us to get to you as soon as we can.